Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Foiled again!

My “new-thing” for February was to get red highlights in my hair. I know that’s not life-changing, but it was a big step for me.

On Saturday, I went to the salon and explained what I was looking for. I believe my exact words were, “very subtle” and “nothing too flashy.” My colorist, Phillip, showed me some swatches and explained the whole process to me. I was feeling pretty confident about this choice. He foiled up my hair (I’ve never had that done before. I looked like an alien.) and let it set for a while. After he washed and dried my hair, he asked what I thought. I looked in the mirror.

I WAS A REDHEAD. There was nothing subtle about it. I had 100% coppery-red hair. I wanted to cry. The color was pretty but not right for me at all. It was awful. I told him that it really wasn’t what I was looking for at all. He tried to fix it, but it still wasn’t right. So I went home, thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I thought my roommate was going to pass out when she saw me.
After a weekend of furiously trying to make my hair anything but orange, we were reduced to a $9 box of hair dye from Wal-Mart.

Now my hair looks great. It’s a deep brown with reddish undertones: exactly what I wanted in the first place.
Thank you L’Oreal Feria 40 Espresso.

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Anonymous said...

In desperate need of a trim once upon a time, I had my hair clipped high and tight (marine haircut) when I left Navy training for my ship as to look positively suave on my first day. My hair on top was about 2 inches long before the haircut, so I figured it was far past due. I told the heavily tattooed stylist (who SUPPOSEDLY knew how to cut hair)what I wanted, and he proceeded to trim away. After 10 minutes (high and tight doesn't take long), my hair looked great, I payed, then went to the airport to fly to my ship. The same night, after I showered, I realized that this man, despite all visual evidence to the contrary, was in fact a VERY talented stylist. My hair was trimmed to a "0" on the sides (0 is the clipper with no blade guard), and the top was perfectly faded tightly to my 1/2 inch of hair on top. ALSO, he had left a curving and winding strip PERFECTLY untouched, still 2 inches long, and after gelling this unstirred hair up, I found that it resembled some sort of string of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

2 weeks later, I was re-squared away.

I still don't know what the hieroglyphs meant, either.