Tuesday, February 12, 2008

That's the plan, Stan.

If I didn’t already know that time is either a real factor that is an integral part of our world or a relative system to give order to the passage of events and that either way it is not able to be owned and in no way respects ownership, I would say that 2008 is my year.

I’ve concluded that this year, I am going to take chances. I’m not living a stagnant, trite life. I’m so going to own this year!

So here’s part of my plan (hereafter referred to as The Plan): I am going to try something new each month in 2008. Real things. Not just, “I’m going to try driving to work wearing mittens.”

For example, in January my “new thing” was to make a (relatively) large investment into a small business. I really don’t know if it’s going to work out or if it will be something I really regret, but the point is: I DID IT. And right now I feel good.

So if anyone else desires to join me on my quest for self-fulfillment, please do. We can try new things together. And if anyone else who doesn’t need a plan for taking chances wants to give me some ideas or encouragement, I’m all about that.

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