Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mid-day Email Exchange

My roommate and I frequently send each other emails during the day to encourage, entertain, or vent.

Today, Alisca sent me this:
They are trying to get under my skin today at this dumb place and so far it's working! I'll be lucky if I survive the rest of the day! Hope you are having a lovely day today. I will see you this evening (once again, if I survive).

This was my response:
You should do what I do: Tell everyone that you have a rare skin disorder that is very contagious and very fatal and that everybody better not come too close or they could catch it and they should be nice to you or you'll come back and haunt them when you inevitably die from your disorder. And make up a really cool/scary name for it. Like Fhurflauxun Leprosy.

1 comment:

Alisca said...

I love you Kim! You keep me sane when I am about to lose it. Thanks for being such a great friend and roommate.