Friday, April 18, 2008

Mushrooms Equal Death

Mushrooms are gross. Why do people eat them?
If you have ever been to Noodles & Co. then you know it is one of the most delicious places on the whole dang planet. They have these Japanese Pan Noodles that are so g-good, I can't even talk about them without stuttering. It is a perfect blend of those fat noodles (what are they called?) and a bunch of crisp veggies and a warm spicy sauce, and then they throw in about 800 pieces of nasty 'shrooms. It's devastating.

It's probably just in my head, but when I eat mushrooms, I actually feel very throw-uppy. I had Jap Pan Noods (that's the nickname) for lunch and I feel icky. And why shouldn't I? I've just ingested a "fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus." Does that sound appetizing to anyone?

I'm probably offending all you mushroom-eaters out there. Sorry. Let's just agree to live and let live. You will continue to eat the growth that feeds on death and decay and I will continue to be disgusted. But, hey, keep your fungus out of my food.


Kristofer said...

I had mushrooms once before and I did feel "throw-uppy" too! Haven't had them since.

The Hathorns said...

You two just leave more mushrooms for Sandra and I to CONSUME. I love fleshy, spore-bearing plants.



Beerman said...

wow... u are scaring me... my nickname is Fungus (given to me by my 2yo niece after watching Ice Age)...I grew up minutes from Kennett Square (the mushroom capitol of the world)... and u used throw uppy (one of my most favoritest words)!