Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sick Day.

I have been battling a severe cold since Sunday. I was up most of last night coughing and being unsleeping, so when I showed up at work this morning my boss mentioned that I looked like "death warmed over" and encouraged me to rethink my decision to be at work. So I just finished up a few things that needed to be done and headed back home.

Being home sick from work is not as much fun as being home sick from school as a kid. Probably because Mom's not around be take care of me. And I keep thinking about work and the fact that I should be there.


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Alisca said...

Did I teach you nothing in the months we lived together? You don't feel guilty when you aren't at work. You enjoy every minute of it (even if you are sick). I guess it's different for you since you actually LIKE your job...