Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The comforter on my bed is white with big hibiscus-like flowers outlined in black on it. My nephew, Zachary, is two and very, very funny. Last night he was on my bed, working on a coloring book. Unfortunately, my black and white bedspread looks a lot like a page from that coloring book. I glanced over to see him concentrating on filling in one of the flowers on my bed with an orange crayon. I said, "Oh, Zachy! What are you doing?" Without looking up, he says, "Dus colrin' (just coloring)." It was so cute how delibrately he worked at it.

Does anyone know how to get crayon off fabric?


Alisca said...

I have to agree with Zachary. Your comforter looks like a coloring book page. It looks like he did a fine job with his colorin'.

Lindsey said...

i have no idea - maybe bleach pen ould work on it! That's really cute! I can totally see my kids doing the same thing!