Thursday, April 17, 2008


In celebration of Week of the Young Child, my school held a parent event tonight. We called it "Afternoon a la Mode" and we served pie and ice-cream. So 50 students enrolled in our school, plus parents, plus teachers, plus older siblings equals a whole lot o' pie. I ordered the pies online from Village Inn last week and picked them up this morning. All the people there were gawking at the crazy lady loading with pie after pie into her car. We had almost $200 worth of pie.

This afternoon, my boss and I started cutting the pies into slices. That took forever! We sliced up most of it or, actually, I sliced up most of it. She just couldn't match my mad-pie-cutting skills.

We sliced, scooped and served all evening and had a great time. Go pie. Now it's time for dinner.

Why am I thinking that leftover pie sound like an acceptable meal?

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