Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Rommates

I moved a couple weeks ago and haven't had much time for updating y'all on these crazy girls I live with now. So here we go:

LIZ is just the greatest. In one word, she is FUN. She's just bubbly and happy and joyful. We have had a great time giggling together and she's very genuine, a true friend. I just love this girl. She's great!

KAREN is the sweetheart of the bunch. (Don't you just love that picture?) She's got a very likeable personality and is wonderfully cute. Miss Karen is super easy-going and fun. Everybody loves Karen (and her over-the-top reactions to Dancing With the Stars . . .)

BRITNI is devilishly funny. I cannot say enough about this girl. Her sassy personality and humor are in perfect proportion to her kindness. She is awesomely fashionable and has been an invaluable tool for me and my unfashionable nature.

So those are the girls. They are wonderful. But I still miss my Alisca. :(

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Alisca said...

That's right. You should miss me. ALWAYS MISS ME!