Monday, September 21, 2009


There is nothing like an adventure, is there? Unless it's an adventure with good friends.

Andrea "A-Slice", Robin and I headed out to Antelope Island over the weekend. Can you believe I've lived in Utah for 5 years and I'd never been there? Crazy.

On the way, we stopped at Burger Bar in Roy. Robin was much pleased.

Once we were in, we got all excited about the buffalo. Seriously, is there anything cooler than a buffalo? If you said yes you are a liar.

Hey, let's take a picture of the sun! It's way arty and I bet no one else has ever thought of it!


"Hello up there, tall Robin!"

A besotted couple was having a romantic evening. Until we showed up, that is.

Hey, Kim. Why don't you try to take a self-portrait as you balance precariously on a large boulder while the wind is whipping you to and fro? O-kay!

Sunset or forest fire?

Seriously! Buffalo!


Sherrie said...


Kristina P. said...

I stopped by the Burger Bar, but I wanted somewhere to sit down, and they didn't have anyplace for my big butt.

Dale said...

Was there very many bugs? I went out there in the spring and the bugs were horrible, millions of little biting gnats. I'll never do that again!!!

But if the bugs have all died off I would like to ride out there again before winter.

Anonymous said...

Kim, didn't you learn in school that you're not supposed to call those bison "buffalo" anymore?

Amy Brinton said...

I personally like the term buffalo better and am against the bison movement.

Kim said...

Yeah, I had a guy correct my mislabeling of a bison on a date once. I was all, "Um, didn't you know the word 'buffalo' is like way cooler, though?"

And then I looked it up in my Merriam-Webster and it identified a buffalo as "any of a genus (Bison) of bovids; especially a large shaggy-maned North American bovid (B. bison) that has short horns and heavy forequarters with a large muscular hump and that was formerly abundant on the central and western plains."


Though, as we all know, dictionaries represent the most common usage, not always the most correct usage.

Still, boo-yah!

Kim said...

Does anyone out there know why I'm up at 2:15 am debating the correct usage of the names of large mammals?

Oh, Internets! You got me again!

Celestial Soldier said...

I said yes and the word Llama came out of my mouth.