Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Mystery

I was just doing my end of the work-week desk-clearing when I came across this:

An index card, blank except the word "gerome" written in my handwriting.

What does that mean?


Alanna said...

I'm betting my money on a future version of yourself that time-traveled to now just to give you this tip to look out for Gerome. The question NOW is if you need to look out for him because he's your eternal companion, or if you need to look out for him because he's some psychotic killer.

You'd think your future self could have been a little clearer, though, huh?

Kristina P. said...

Are you sure it wasn't supposed to be "gnome?" That makes perfect sense.

)en said...

maybe it is a code word. Maybe it's an anagram that is really "me ogre." So what does that mean? You tell us, Kim. You tell us.

momof8 said...

You were obviously going to research Jean Leon Gerome, the famous French Artist. Then you obviously forgot to look him up. See?

Celestial Soldier said...

My name is Jacob. If you're going to break up with me, at least get my name right... but apparently you couldn't even do it in a letter! Well... at least now I know what your text is about.