Friday, September 11, 2009

Here's some shameless guilt-tripping for you.

Happy Patriot Day! Are you supposed to wish others a Happy Patriot Day? I don't know the rules.

Donny was on my mind this morning. My hilarious, sweet, wacky brother Donny. Donny, who wears a uniform and gets on a big ship and sails far, far away from his lovely wife and darling daughter because that's his job. Non sibi sed patriae, right? Donny, who doesn't seem scared even if we are.

Donny was deployed a few years back. Came back, safe and sound. His unit was called up again. Back to Iraq he goes.

After he called to tell me he was going back, our conversation run thusly:

Me: Well, geez Donny, I sure hope you don't die or anything.

Donny: Yeah. You know what, Pickles*? If I'm killed out there by some crazy terrorist, I'm gonna be pretty ticked.

Me: Totally.

So here's where you come in, my dear Internet friends. Send some good vibes Donny's way. If you're the praying type, slip him in there somewhere. If not, just wish good karma for this kid. (Although, he was kind of a rascal in his younger days . . . I distinctly remember someone blowing up something in an empty field in the middle of the night. Yeah, maybe we should forget about karma.) Just send some good vibrations out there. Because, no matter all the screwy politics, he's a good kid and there are a lot of people who need him to come home safely. A little girl needs her daddy. A mom needs her husband. And a big crazy family needs their goofball back.

*Old family nickname. Don't mock.


Kristina P. said...

I will definitely send some actual prayers his way.

Dale said...

I'll send the vibes his way.

Military folks will be in my prayers on a regular basis now that my brother has left for the Navy.

Fishgutts said...

God bless all of our soldiers!! Those that went before us, those that are here now and those that will serve!!

Brittany said...

Oops, I was wondering when you had a brother named Donny, until I saw the pic, and realized he was married in. LOL

Beerman said...

luv the nickname!