Monday, September 14, 2009

Church Pew Whisperings, part 1

During the opening hymn:

Jeff: Hey, are you ever sitting in church and all of a sudden you think something really, really blasphemous and you're all, 'Wow. I shouldn't think blasphemous things in church!'

Me: ****

Jeff: Yeah, you should probably repent for that.

Later, while the sacrament is being passed:

Jeff: Are you sure you're worthy to take that?

Me: Shut-up.

Jeff: Heretic.


Alanna said...

I think my all-time favorite church whisperings was in my freshman ward when my stomach started rumbling like crazy during the sacrament (it was fast Sunday-- go figure). My friend Tyler leaned over and commented, "I don't believe you." Stomach kept grumbling. Finally he said, "Okay, now I'm convinced."

Fishgutts said...

Jeff sounds so.........judgmental! Jerk.

Your sins are between you and your bishop who I am sure you see often. Is there a reason you can't pray in public???

Kristina P. said...

I once said "Hell" in church. As in, "Where the hell is this class." I know.

Dale said...

If this is part 1 then I can't wait for part 2.

Too funny!