Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Gulps, huh?

I stopped at 7-11 today for a quick beverage. (You know I can't resist Diet Dr Pepper on tap.) I stood at the cup holder and considered my options.

A regular-size Big Gulp was 99 cents.

A Super Big Gulp was $1.19.

A Double Gulp (64 delicious ounces) was $1.29.

Hello Double Gulp! Also hello being up at 2 am watching how to make banjos on the Discovery Channel because I'm on a killer caffeine bender.

As a side note, I have struck up many conversations by using information I've learned on the Discovery Channel. Between Jeopardy (best show ever!), the History Channel and the Discovery Channel, I'm sure I come across as 3-8 times smarter than I actually am.

Another side note: on this blog I sound approximately 6 times dumber than I am in real life.


Amy Brinton said...

Because of your Discovery Channel prowess, let's say that you come off 6 times smarter in "real life" than you actually are smart (in "real for real life"). So if your actual smartness is 10, you come off as a 60. Not bad.

But on the blog, you're 6 times dumber, so on the smartness scale you're back at 10, which is your actual smartness to begin with. Crazy!

So, rest assure, readers: Kim's intellect is in fact accurately reflected on this blog (see "Hits the Nail on the Head").

Kim said...

Hmm. If I was intelligent enough to understand that comment, I just might be offended.