Thursday, September 18, 2008

Special Diet

Many people, mostly strangers, have approached me asking how on earth I can stay in the shape I am even when I'm super-busy. Well folks, the secret's out. I follow a very special diet which I will now share with my faithful readers.

1 Diet Pepsi
1 cheese stick

Morning snack:
2 bottles of water
1 fudge brownie

1 peach
1 Diet Dr Pepper
1 cheese stick
8 goldfish crackers
1 bottle of water

1 tuna fish sandwich
2-6 handfuls Lay's Salt & Vinegar chips
1 glass milk

Late-night nosh:
1 cold mozzarella stick swiped from roommate (ugh)
1 raspberry popsicle
1 bottle of water

Follow this diet closely and you may soon look just like me!


Amy Brinton said...

Kim, this is too real! I have a list almost identical to this. It's my list of "foods I feel guilty after eating."

Kim said...

I think you may have an unhealthy body image if you feel guilty after eating water. Man, that ain't right.