Monday, September 8, 2008

Hits the nail on the head.

I literally have a hole in my head. I hit myself in the forehead with a nail yesterday. I tend to hit myself in the face with stuff a lot. Huh.

Now I'm wondering if my nagging headache is some form of tetanus of the brain.


Lizzy said...

You really might want to get that checked out. Can we take a picture of the hole in your head for the blog posterity?? Is it still as defined as it was the other night?

Oh, can we take a re-enactment video of Sunday night's tickle war? That would be funny too! ;)

Love ya!

Kim said...

I don't really think we need to re-enact Sunday night. Or ever mention it again. It will live on in our memories, and ONLY in our memories. ;)