Friday, September 5, 2008

Violate This!

I work at the U of U and to park anywhere on campus, including my office, you need a parking permit. I had my permit displayed in the lower left corner of my windshield, as per the instructions of the girl issuing it.

A couple months ago I got a ugly little parking violation ticket stuck under my wiper that read,

Oh, my bad. I didn’t know that rule. I paid the fine and moved my permit behind my rear view mirror. Yesterday, I got another nasty ticket stuck on my windshield reading, ***IMPROPER PERMIT DISPLAY**MOVE PERMIT TO LOWER DRIVERS SIDE CORNER OF WINDOW***

Seriously? That is exactly where it would be if Mr. “Campus Security” (typed disdainfully) hadn’t given me a ticket and told me to move it. I was so irritated, I almost said an expletive. Actually I did. (Don’t tell Mom.)

Today I wrote a very professional appeal letter to Commuter Services to explain my case. And I didn’t once call them poopyheads even though I really wanted to.

Also, does anyone know who Campus Security Officer #37 is? I totally don’t even like that guy.


The Hathorns said...

Donny works at CU Boulder where the employees have to pay $43 each month to park on campus. To avoid this fee he parks a few miles away and bikes to his office. Are you required to pay for your parking permit?

Beerman said...


This is Bill Tompkins. I am officer number #37.

I am going to keep messing with you because I can!

Authority is power.

See what happens when you call us poopyheads...

you pay the price.

PS. Starting next week you are required to display your tag in the right rear window upside down...

have your checkbook ready.

Kim said...

Heh. Bill Tompkins = meanie.

Kim said...

By the way, Sandy, I do have to pay for my permit. I costs $1 every year. I know, breaks the bank.