Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Favorite" Pet Peeve

When advertisers want to emphasize or highlight a word, isn't it funny when they put the word in quotation marks because it looks like they're using the word sarcastically or figuratively? You don't quite know if it's a "Great Deal!" or if the item is really "FREE!"

I googled (I never know if I should capitalize that or not) "incorrect quotation mark usage" and found this blog. It's mavelous.

Does the incorrect and superfluous use of quotation marks bug anyone else?


Ashley said...

Ugh... I use them freely, along with commas. I have yet to learn "correct" grammar! :0P

The Hathorns said...

At the petting zoo by our house there is a sign that reads, "Please" do not feed the horses. I guess the person in charge of ordering the sign didn't really want to be nice.

Lizzy said...

I "LOVE" quotation marks!!!! They "ROCK"! On paper though, they're not as "Cool" as air quotes when talking!

The Morris Family said...

At my fruit market, every sign uses "FRESH" before the description of the item. Is it "really" fresh, or are they just "pretending" it's fresh?