Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"C" is for cookie. And also for child predator.

I love Girls Scout cookies. The money goes to a good cause and they’re delish. What’s not to love about Girl Scout cookies?

Only problem? You have to buy them from a Girl Scout. I remember going door-to-door in our neighborhood as a GS to hawk my baked delights but no Brownies or Juniors are coming to my door. And it’s cookie season, is it not? Where are the cookie-sellers?

I was ruing my cookielessness to a coworker today and she suggested (I’m so not making this up) that I go to a local elementary school and find a Girl Scout to sell me some cookies.

“I’m sorry. Are you suggesting that I go hunt down a Girl Scout outside her school like a child predator?” I spluttered.

“Not a child predator! A cookie predator!” she exclaimed. “Much less creepy.”

“I’m pretty sure I would still get arrested for that.”

I can picture it now:
Me skulking around a playground.
School Administrator: Can I help you with something?
Me: Uhh, uhh, no. I’m, uhh, just looking for a Girl Scout.
SA: Yeah, I’m going to need you to leave now.
Me, muttering: Gotta get me some cookies. I need those cookies!
SA: HI-YAH! (karate-chop sound) Somebody call the police! We’ve got a predator-situation! I’ll keep her down by standing on her face.
Me, being dragged off by several cops: You don’t understand! I haven’t had Girl Scout cookies in a really long time. I need those cookies!
Police car speeds off with me in tow.
All the children cheer.
SA, wiping the sweat from her brow: Just making the world a safer place.

Seriously, do any of you know a Girl Scout? I really need some cookies.


Karen said...

Wow. This is a very serious issue. I can tell because of all of the thought you have put into your predator scenario.

Amy Brinton said...

Isn't our dear cousin Erika a Girl Scout?

Alisca said...

There are some girls selling them at my office but they will not arrive until the second week of March. If you want some, let me know by Thursday and I can order you some (they are turning in their order on Friday). Also, they usually have the Girl Scouts AND their moms sitting outside grocery stores in March(ish)....

Anne-Marie said...

lol I just ordered some from a co-worker's daughter..I tried to resist but the list and pictures of the cookies were by our time clock and after 2 whole days of resisting..I crumbled and ordered 3 boxes!! And I got my dad to order some maybe he will share!!!
Good Luck finding someone...middle of feb just go to your local grocery store and I'm sure they will be there out front!

The Hathorns said...

I don't think they are even allowed to go door to door anymore, are they?

Lizzy said...

only Kim...