Monday, January 12, 2009

Forever Young

Sometimes, as a Singleton, you feel “old.” All your friends are getting married and having babies and the kids you used to babysit are getting married and having babies and your younger siblings are getting married and having babies. And you’re concerned with your IRAs and your retirement benefits and picking up the dry-cleaning and should I take my car into the shop and fiber and other grown-up things and you just start to feel a little old.

But then, some things make you feel really young. Like when you watch Saturday’s Warrior on Cheesy Movie Sunday and then get into a tickle fight with your roommate.

That’s when you feel really young.


Lizzy said...

Oh! so kind! I felt like a ten-year-old. We need to do that again's a better workout than gym! ;)

It was a really awesome tickle fight BUT I think I can be declared the winner since I'm not the one that ended up having an asthma attack. ;) My magic fingers won! :)

Kim said...

Oh, yeah. Make fun of the girl with asthma, why don't ya? It's like fourth grade all over again. :}