Friday, January 16, 2009

Too Much Free Time

I'm thinking of starting a t-shirt design company.
Here's my favorite so far:

Don't worry. Something for the fellas, too.

(The above is inspired by my dear friend Jeff and his recent conversation with the Bishop.)


Anonymous said...

You know, you can put your t-shirt designs on to one of several sites on the internet, they proces the orders, print them, and ship them to the customer, and you get the profit - you just set up an account, upload your design, and say, 'I want $X for every shirt that sells,' which they just tag onto the base cost of sending a shirt.

Dale said...

Change the word "Bishop" to "MOM" and you would sell even more.
I'd buy one. ;-)

Kim said...

Love it, Dale. I think you're my new favorite.