Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mark the Mormon

I have a cousin. Well, actually I've got a few, but I only have one named Mark. Mark is a fascinating individual and he recently wrote an absorbing (like paper towels) little something that I enjoyed and wanted to pass along. You can read it here.

Disclaimer: It is totally about Mormons and Jesus and stuff, so if you're not "into that kind of thing" you could go here instead and look at funny pictures of cats that are (probably) not Mormon.

And also, I hope Mark will forgive me for linking to him without permission. I don't know if he's "into that kind of thing."


Dale said...

That was good reading. Thanks for linking to it.

Dale said...

The kitties were cute too

Corrine said...

i wish i could convey what i know like that! I know what i believe but always twist my words some how. (Except when i was a missionary)

Tell your cousin, well written and I loved the you-tube videos!! :)