Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Age? No thanks.

My boss is driving me crazy (don’t the best stories start out this way?).

She has a new CD player for her office (Fine. It’s my fault—I bought it for her) and she’s been listening to Soothing Sounds of Nature CDs for weeks. Her office abuts mine and I “get” to hear Soothing Sounds of Nature, too! What fun!

The new one is a medley of bird songs.


Bird songs.



Arrgh. I mean, I like nature and all but it’s a little perplexing to be concentrating on a project in front of me and hear “ch-chirk, chirp, chirp” in the background. Or the one that goes, “kee, kee, KEE” over and over. That one’s pretty sweet. It’s especially fun when I answer the phone just as “caa-CAW, caa-CAW, caa-CAWW” rings out.

Losing. My. Mind. Over. Here.

It’s ridiculous. At least it’s better than—shudder—that panpipes CD she was listening to before. (Did you know people actually listen to panpipe music? On purpose. And they like it.) I’d even take back that Ocean Shores one from last week over this bird crap.



Lesa said...

Ah make me laugh so much! You are fabulous and I am sorry that your boss only listen's to the nature stuff...not that it is all bad but all day long I can see how annoying it would become...maybe you should break the CD player and you'll be home free...haha.

Amy Brinton said...

I LOVE those! I used to push the buttons on the sampler at Target and sit there in the aisle, listening, and pretending to look at greeting cards.