Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Salt Lake's Road Construction Works (I'm absolutely certain this is true.)

Construction Guy #1: We need to do some work on a 3-foot patch of road.

Construction Guy #2: Okay. First step is to block off traffic for a mile in each direction.

#1: Really? One mile?

#2: Oh, you're right. Better make it two.

#1: That's more like it. And just one lane?

#2: Hells bells*, no! All but one.

Three months after road work is complete . . .

#2: Hey, did we ever send someone out to pick up those cones?

#1: Idk. Prolly.*


*I'm convinced construction workers talk like this.


Kristina P. said...

Good call.

Anonymous said...

What I love best about your blog title is the description..what were you doing before '98 that wasnt classy? :)

Kim said...

Junior High.