Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TMI Tuesday

I've had several requests for another installment of Too Much Information Tuesday and I am nothing if not accommodating.

Fact: While at dinner last week, I hit on one of my friends. (My apologies, Paul.)

Fact: A few nights ago, I fell asleep spooning with another friend. (Sorry 'bout that, Jake.)

Conclusion: This dating dry spell of mine needs to end pretty darn soon.

In other news, looks like it's a great time to be my friend, gentlemen. *wink*


Kristina P. said...

Maybe you can get a Snuggie to hold you over.

Karen said...

Well, I'm sure those guys didn't mind your affections being poured out to them. :) I'll keep your card handy in case I run into eligible men you should be dating.

Kim said...

I'd appreciate that, babe.

Beerman said...


Once again thanks for making me smile today. Wonder why all the intelligent gals with a sense of humor and serious fun-ness are on the western side of the Mississippi? Here where I live, all females over the age of 14 have multiple children and multiple addictions and don't get the joke.

With your skills, the boyfriendlessness will end soon. (How's that for a 17 letter word?)

Keep us posted please!