Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slip of the Tongue

General Conference is coming up this weekend (woot! woot!), so it's about time for me to soften my hardened heart and loosen my stiff neck and everything that entails. I tell ya, it's not easy to be humble when I'm this amazing. But we all have our crosses to bear, right?

To help myself prepare for General Conference, I've been listening to old Conference addresses on my iPod at work this week. (This one is really good.) I thought this was a pretty unobtrusive activity until my office phone rang just as one of the talks was concluding. Rather than answering with a mundane "hello," I picked up the phone and brightly greeted the caller with a cheery "Amen?"

After the conversation ended (and after assuring the caller he must have misheard me because I said "hello" like a rational human and perhaps he should get his ears checked), I collapsed on my desk in a fit of giggles. I called my mother straightaway to provide her with another installment of "Stupid Things Your Daughter Did." We're thinking of compiling them into a book. I think we've got fodder for a few volumes already.


Celestial Soldier said...

One of my friends works as a customer service representative and today he called his client "honey." The male client said it made his day.

Kristina P. said...

YOu are so righteous!

Kim said...

Just as long as everyone is aware of that fact.

Amie said...

It sounds like someone has spent too much time on the 'Seriously So Blessed' blog, but I still love you!

(Just glanced down at the word verification and it says - upity. Kind of like uppity - how funny!)