Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten Ways I Do Not Want to Die

1. Cut up with an axe

2. Impaled on a spike (or really impaled on anything)

3. Removal of limbs by force

4. Slowly poisoned by someone with M√ľnchausen by proxy

5. Eaten by iguanas

6. Roasted on a spit (impaled on a spit)

7. Spit on*

8. Avada Kedavra’d

9. Sharks

10. Trapped in something

* Possibly not life-threatening.


Karen said...

Next time "1,000 Ways to Die" comes on TV, you must resist temptation!!!! This is not healthy for your psyche.

Lindsey said...

i really don't think 8 and 9 would be too horrible because i think they'd be quick and painless. the limbs tearing one would be a doozy though!

Kim said...

These thoughts are what woke me up at 4:30 this morning.

Sometimes it's hard to be me.

Cheetah said...

Ha! That's a good list of ways not to die. Being eaten by iguanas might not be all that bad. At least you could give them clever names as they ate you.

Dale said...

It wouldn't be so bad to be Avada Kedavra’d. I wouldn't want to be Crucio'd though. That would totally suck.

My number one way that I don't want to die would to be on the freeway behind a truck load of bee hives. The truck crashes, I crash into it, I die by 100,000+ bee stings on my body, in my throat, in my eyes. *SHUDDER*

Not that I think about that often but I can't stand bees. I saw a scary movie as a kid about killer bees and it scarred me for life.

Let's see what kind of dreams you have now. LOL

Celestial Soldier said...

I'm going to go with being burnt alive or anything slow. Not for me.