Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're gonna make it, folks!

I feel like a kid who's been grounded for months and is finally free! I really did not know if I was going to make one more day of cold weather. Yeah, yeah, I hear you Utah-natives saying, "Oh the 40s and 50s aren't that cold."

Uh, actually they are. That's why everyone wears coats, Einstein.

But now . . . glorious, glorious 60s and--oh!--do you see that weekend? (Okay, don't pay attention to Sunday and especially don't pay attention to that nasty little bugger hanging off Sunday's cloud. I'm hoping ignorance and denial will change the weather's course.)

Yesterday I drove home from work (Oh, did I mention it's actually light outside when I go to and from work? I'm not living in total darkness anymore!) with all the windows down and Augustana playing a little too loudly.

I know this weather is just a teaser and we have more snowy, cold days ahead of us, but it's just enough. Just enough of a promise. Just enough to instill hope in winter-beaten me.

Aah, I love spring.


Kristina P. said...

I was just telling my coworkers that I have to decide when to make the spring clothing transition. Once I make that leap, I am committed!

Kim said...

The big thing for me is shoes. I'm done with boots and loafers. I want to wear stilettos and sandals!

Dale said...

It has to be officially spring because I took the motorcycle and the bicycle out of the shed yesterday. Mother nature isn't allowed to send us anymore snow or freezing temperatures.

Dale said...

Sunday and Monday are just a figment of some weatherman's imagination.

Our company cleans the national weather service offices out by the airport. I'll go tell them whats what if they want clean offices. ;-)