Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is that opium paste I detect?

Café Rio makes me sick. Not in the “I’m so sick of everyone talking about Café Rio because, let’s face it, it’s not that great” sense. More like in the “I’m gonna die” sense.

About an hour after I eat Café Rio food, I wind up curled in a ball on the couch moaning, “Why? Why did I eat that? Someone tell me why! Also, are you going to eat your leftovers?” Every time. And yet, when someone says, “We’re going to Café Rio,” I say, “I’ll get my purse.”

I don’t know why I go there. The food’s not terrific and it makes me (just for you, Beerman) throw-uppy.

And here's something gross: the more I type "Café Rio", the more I crave Café Rio.

I’m such a freakin’ masochist.

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Dale said...

You need to start eating at Beto's, Rancherito's, or whatever they changed their name to.
It will build up your immunity. I'm quite convinced that I could drink the water in Mexico and have no problems at all.

Besides, their greasy brand of Mexican food actually tastes good.

But nothing beats the taco stands on State Street. I don't know why the health department gets all in a tizzy about them. If they had immunity too they wouldn't worry so much.

Corrine said...

I Love CAFE RIO!!! But I haven't ever gotten anything but their salad... It is my fav! I go there EVERYTIME I go to Utah... which sadly isnt enough. :)

But NOT as much as I LOVE my Tex-Mex from TEXAS!! Papasitos... can NEVER be replaced! Oh I miss Texas... :(

Beerman said...

thanks for the free smile yet again!