Friday, March 20, 2009

Try This!

Here's a new game I invented at work this week: try incorporating lines from Chicago songs into everyday conversations without anyone noticing.

It's a blast and a half.

I actually slipped in a "two hearts drawn together bound by destiny" yesterday and no one batted an eye.

What can you get away with?


Dale said...

LOL, I'm totally going to have to try it.

I have a friend that loves to play the meow game. It's so funny to watch him do it when he's talking to people.

Kim said...

I'm surprised I could even do it, Dale. I can never keep a straight face! I always crack up midway through whenever I'm trying to stay stoic.

I just think I'm too darn funny.

Dale said...

Rest assured that you are not the only one that thinks you are funny.

You make me laugh on a regular basis.