Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm trying to figure out my favorite part of yesterday.

Was it:

. . . when Liz, during Relief Society announcements, mentioned that I could really use a date?

. . . when I sat right next to the bishopric in ward council ergo they heard every snarky comment I made during the meeting?

. . . when I volunteered to be the CPR dummy for the Elders Quorum first aid training?

. . .when I spilled a 32-oz Diet Dr Pepper on my laptop and it still works?

. . . when I flipped off my roommate right in front of the home teachers?

. . .when Liz and I sang jubilantly and in unison, “I love dem swine, they is dee-vine, I love dem pigs, they make me want to dance a jig, la-lah!” to the bewilderment of everyone else in the room?

I love that movie! My favorite lines are from that same farmer: “Blue? You et Blue? Tommy, get your friends out of here!” Later, to wife: “Honey, I got some bad news. Ol’ Blue’s dead. Some nasty little boy down the road et him for Christmas.”

I'm laughing so hard right now. Crazy woman at her desk.

Oh, man. Cheesy Movie Sunday Night may be my very favorite thing on earth. It combines some of the best things ever: my roommates (shucks, I kinda like you girls), junk food, and horrendously hokey filmmaking. Anyone interested in joining us? I think next week we’re planning Anxiously Engaged, although I’m still pulling for The Buttercream Gang. (“You never once asked what happened to me in Chicago! You never once asked me!”)


Kristina P. said...

I'm surprised you haven't been excommunicated yet!

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Kim said...

Another interesting moment last night: