Friday, March 27, 2009

All About Matt

My youngest brother is Matthew Jon Raynor. He is 6-and-a-half.

Matt is the youngest of the Raynor clan, coming in at number 10. Matt is very good at soccer and running. On the way home, he likes to get out of Mom's minivan at the end of the block and race the family home. Matt is also the best Wii bowler in the house! Matt likes to read, do math and play video games. His favorite books are Captain Underpants (?) and books about animals, especially sharks. Matt loves the color green and likes frogs. His best friends are Ben and Ian. Matt is very funny and loves to crack jokes and make people laugh. His family calls him "little rascal" because he is always so silly.
My dad's favorite thing about Matt is that he is always smiling. My mom's favorite thing about Matt is how tender-hearted he is and that he always tells people he loves them. My favorite thing about Matt is that he's so tasty!
One day I was talking to my mom on the phone when Matt rushed in and demanded to know who on earth his mother was talking to for so long.
"It's Kimmy," she replied.
"Oh, yes! My favorite sister!" Matt shouted.
Matt, we all love you so much!


Dale said...

10!!! And I thought I came from a big family being the oldest of 6.

Anybody that loves green, frogs, and Wii has got to be one cool little dude.

(heh heh heh, just had to save another kitten.)

Anonymous said...

I'm famous! Thanks. Some more things about me: I actually have two favorite sisters - Sandra and Kim. I want to tell you my favorite joke: What does "claustrophobic" mean? (You're afraid of Santa Claus!) That's all.

Amie said...

Saving a kitty...