Monday, March 23, 2009

Things That Make My Life Easier

1. My big tough SUV. This is nice for when someone slides into my bumper on snowy mornings, like what happened today, and I am hardly jostled. White Rhino practically shivered with pride when the guy apologized profusely and I responded in my grittiest, tough-guy voice, "It's no prob, man. She can handle it," while patting her on the backside.

2. The fraud department at JP Morgan Chase who caught some joker using my credit card information (!), stopped him and then fixed the problem on my account and then helped me terminate the card and get a new card, all the while assuring me that it was all going to be okay and I wouldn't even be affected by it and that, yes, the credit card stealer was a very big meanie-head and he shouldn't do things like that to nice girls like me.

3. The IT guy here at work who, after telling me my entire account was lost (meaning all my work was gone, vamoose, disappeared) fixed the problem and found all my files. For this, he secured a handsome hug from me, plenty of adoration—my hero!—and I might have even pledged my everlasting love to him, although I'm not sure about that last part. Oh, and also I should back-up my work, whatever that means.

Love these things today! What's made your life easier?


Kristina P. said...

Wow, that second one is scary! Glad they caught it!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to not make me laugh!

Go Kimmie---you took the world by the horns!!!

When is Taco Day? Tuesday? Thurdsay? I dont even care it could be Friday? BUT dang---we can just talk about it and not do it!

Amy Brinton said...

Magic Eraser sponges! I just realized that I DIDN'T have to live with crayon all over my walls during the past three years! I'm washing it all off with those miracle erasers and saving, literally, THOUSANDS of dollars because I don't have to repaint the entire basement. Score!