Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm a nerd. How 'bout you?

When Denethor II wished that Faramir had died in place of Boromir, who didn't want to give Faramir a hug?

If you didn't you are cold, cold, cold.

P.S. Faramir is a stud. I'm so jealous of Éowyn.


Karen said...

LOL. You definitely are a nerd. But I am right there with you!

Dale said...

Nerd = Sexy, remember?

But your level of nerdness depends on whether you are referring to the movie or the book.

Kim said...

Love the books.
Love, love the movies.

So I guess my nerd-factor is alarmingly high.

Dale said...

Britt said...

Faramir is awesome.
But me, I love Eomer.

Anonymous said...

Kim, f you weren't my cousin (and a Texan), I would totally ask you out.