Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes, the Governor DOES read my blog.

I'm a letter writer. When I feel strongly about a certain issue or bill (how many of you just started singing, "I'm just a bill. Yes I'm only a bill"?) I write to the folks in charge to make my feelings known.

Huntsman, did you get that letter I sent about HB31? 'Cause I wasn't kidding.

Today I wrote a letter to Wrigley--you know, the gum people--because I have an idea. I love Orbit gum and I really like it in the Big-E-Paks. You've seen these, yeah? They're awesome. They have 60 pieces in a little sturdy container you can put just about anywhere. Well, anywhere you'd like fresh breath! *cue cheesy smile*

This is the kind I like:

Well, those containers are great . . . until you run out of gum because you have to throw away that handy case. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Wrigley sold a refill bag so you could reuse the container? Right? Because the containers wouldn't go to waste! Well, that's the point I tried to make to Wrigley in my fan-tastic letter today.

And I made sure to include my full address in case they wanted to reward my thinking skills with a couple bags of gum. And I may have hinted that I might mention how great their gum is to the forty-some-odd people hittin' up my blog every day. And, hey, you guys could all write Wrigley and tell them what a good idea this is. And tell them to send me some free gum. Governor, you could send me some free stuff too if you'd like. Like a pen or something?

Guys! Buy Wrigley gum! It's life-changing! In a good way!


Kristina P. said...

You're so funny! I don't think I've ever written a letter like this.

Whitney said...

DUDE...Karen so laughed at me on Sunday when I pulled my BigePack out of my purse during sacrament meeting. I love that gum!!

Amie said...

Okay, this is going to sound crazy...I totally want your empty containers! Seriously. I started buying them just for the containers. ( I have a super fun idea for the kinders, but need more containers) I actually transfer the gum into a zip-lock bag because I don't like to carry around the giant container. It sounds like I am carrying a big bottle of Tylenol.

Kim said...

My containers are yours (until Wrigley starts selling gum by the bag).

Dale said...

I know this is about Gum but I have to go back to HB31. I can't help it I'm a political junkie.

I am in favor of the Utah Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Act. In the building I work in we have literally millions of people pass through every year. Those AED's are all over the building and I have thought from time to time...What if I ever have to use one of those things?

I'd hate to get sued just because somebody died and I was trying to save him but haven't been specially trained to use an AED.

(I read the whole bill, I'm such a nerd.)

Mrs. B. Roth said...

Since you have the Governor's ear, could your PLEASE get him to do something about Daylight Saving Time, because I really hate it. I will write to wrigleys after I buy the gum IF you help me out. (This is so how it must work in Washington, I'll vote for your bill if you vote for mine.)