Friday, April 17, 2009

My Guy, Brian

Good ol' Brian Eric Raynor is my thirteen-and-a-half-year-old brother. He is just the bee's knees. Brian is the musically-inclined Raynor. He plays the trumpet, the guitar, the clarinet, the piano and one other instrument which I can't remember right now. Someone help me out . . . ah, I'll remember later. Basically this kid can play anything he picks up.
He is also an incredible athlete. He plays soccer (dare you to find one Raynor who doesn't play soccer) and softball. He also beats me at basketball every time I come visit. Brian, next time I'm bringin' my A-game and you are going down! Maybe.
SAXOPHONE! That's the one I forgot. He plays that, too.
Brian is a smart one as well. Mom claims he's her brightest kid, but she made me promise not to tell the other ones. (I won't tell them, Mom.) Brian is an awesome example to his other siblings. He's probably the nicest kid I've ever met and is a good friend to everyone. He's also WAY righteous. Like unusually so. The kid goes out of his way to be good. Just 'cause. I know, mind boggling.
Brian, you are awesome! Love you so much it's kind of nauseating!

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Mel said...

I wished my sibs loved me as much as your brother to write a post all about me. Too bad they don't. But then again, I'm not as cool as Brian.