Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate Debacle

We had a second round of Debate Drinking Game tonight. Karen and Liz were drinking Diet Coke while I was chugging Evian.

Buzzwords of the night: pork barrel, greed, golden parachute, fundamental

Phrases we're glad we didn't choose: "my friends" and "one minute"

Most common phrase uttered in our living room: Bull****

Dude, this is totally like Conference Bingo.


Lizzy said...

I thought I yelled "What the H3!!" more than Bull****...You forgot to mention that when he said pork barrel it was a shot of Mt. Dew, not Diet Coke, and it was nasty! He said it THREE times! I'm glad he didn't get carried away more than he did...and btw, LOVE to picture of McCain... :)

Kim said...

H3? Are you planning on buying a Hummer?

Lizzy said...

I was spelling HELL using symbols as not to offend those with sensitive eyes...