Monday, October 27, 2008

I like going to the park.

I sat in Liberty Park this afternoon and watched the leaves fall. There is a large elm tree on the south side of the pond under which I often sit to read, watch the ducks, and ponder the mysteries of life.

Today the waterfowl watched with me as the wind murmured through the mighty branches and graceful cascades of yellow and brown snowflakes tumbled all around us, brushing over my lap, tangling in my hair and showering the the water with delicate little plips.

The geese visited next, eying me expectantly until they ascertained I had nothing edible in my bag save a Special K bar in which they were decidedly uninterested. Gravely disappointed, my avian friends chastised me with their gentle squawks as they waddled nearby. Their leisurely pace was interrupted by a passing overly-friendly golden retriever. They hastily retreated to the safety of the water, their angry honks merged with eager barks and my laughter.

Oh, to sit on a bench in a park on a golden autumn day: this is the good life.

Go outside and enjoy the delightful fall. Go to the park. Watch the ducks. I might see you there.


Anonymous said...

What's up with this serious post? What happened to the witty Kim humor?

Kim said...

Your mom has it.