Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love thy neighbor.

Dear Neighbor Across the Way,

Dude, I'm a nice person. Okay? I'm nice. So when your mail accidentally gets delivered to our box and I bring it over to your door, you don't have to grunt and slam the door in my face. Especially since you answered the door in your underthings and I kept a straight face the whole time. You think that was easy?

And yesterday when I was pulling out of the driveway and you were pulling in? Remember how I smiled and waved at you and you just rolled your eyes back at me, irritated with my very existence? Not very cool.

We're neighbors. Let's be friends.


Anonymous said...

I see your white gate with skull heads. You girls NOT nice girls in your place.

Across the Way

Lizzy said...

How is this anonymous?? Crazy! Which one of our neighbors was this? The back wall neighbor or the smoke stack kiddy corner to us??

Kim said...

Did you say "kiddy corner"? It's "kitty corner" babe. And I'm pretty sure that comment was from my sister.