Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everybody what now?

Some days you may be feeling downtrodden and discouraged but then maybe your iTunes, which is set on random, will play C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" and then you'll be like, "Hey! Now this is a song!" and eveything will feel all better.

Also, you may find yourself in your bedroom wearing nothing but your skivvies when this song begins to play and you may feel a very strong inclination to do a funny dance and you also may be sure that your bedroom door is locked when you do your funny dance, but it's not locked and your roommates are watching you.

Trust me.


Karen said...

Here's your validation..what did I miss?!?!?! LIfe is always entertaining when you're around.

Alisca said...

I too am sorry I missed out on this experience. When I read this, I starting singing the song in my head and I'm pretty sure it's there for life now....Thanks for that!

Anne-Marie said...

lol- sounds like fun to me!! Thanks for the sweet comment about my mom- she is doing really well- so far it looks like the cancer did not spread and her surgery went well. Thanks again and hope you are doing well too!!

Lizzy said...

did I see this dance? I'm not sure cause I've seen you dance far too often in your skivvies upstairs... what is that all about???