Thursday, October 30, 2008

My New Best Friend

My back has been aching lately. Enter this:

Oh, it is so good. I think I'm really audible in my enjoyment. My roommates keep referring to a certain diner scene in a certain Meg Ryan/Billy Crystal movie.

After several minutes, Liz asked, "Kim, can I have a turn on your porno machine?"


Lizzy said...

KIM!!! You are not suppose to put such words on your blog! I'm sure your rating is now above PG...You see I have a certain reputation to maintain and it doesn't include that word. Also, it was well over an HOUR of you using it, not just minutes. In fact, I'm almost sure I didn't use that word...for real!

Karen said...

No, I can testify that that word was used. But it was kinda true! It was a highly entertaining/awkward evening.