Friday, October 17, 2008

I totally almost died.

I caught a black widow spider with my bare hands this week. That's right, I said my bare hands.
Pretty much every time I see a spider my first inclination is to kill the little bugger but when I saw a big black spider at work on Wednesday, I thought, "Hey, maybe I should catch that guy and show my students!" (I always have such great ideas . . .)

I grabbed a plastic jar and was trying to cajole the spider into the jar. It was pretty adamant about not going in the jar but I persisted. I had to pick it up (bare hands!) and place it in the jar with my left hand. (Hang on . . . shudder)

When I told one of the little girls I touched the spider she said, "Ms. Kim, that is so brave." She continued to tell me what she would do if she saw a spider. "I would step on it and then punch it. In the face. With a knife!"

I didn't punch it in the face, but I did give it a healthy dose of Raid. (I know, I know . . . "poor Charlotte." Whatever. You weren't there! It was huge!)


Karen said...

Did you have to put a picture? I'm fine with insects and arachnids from far away, but when I see everything up close, that's just gross!!! I'm glad you didn't die. Also, I would like to see someone actually punch a spider in the face.

The Hathorns said...

Donny's coworker had a black widow land on his neck last week! I guess they're coming out for Halloween. I'm also glad that you didn't die.

Corrine said...

ummm... why with your bare hands? What would you have done if it bit you? Arent those poisonous? you worry me sometimes. ;)

Amy Brinton said...

We also had a black widow spider in our garage this week. They must be out for the Raynor sisters! Michelle, BEWARE!

Anne-Marie said... you are so brave..and why did you have to post that pic of the spider..sick!!
Hey- do you remember when you told me you ate a spider?!