Monday, November 17, 2008

Lesson One: Eye Contact

The other night the family was out to dinner at a local Mexican place. After dinner, my grandmother reprimanded me for not flirting with the waiter.

"He was clearly interested and you were not even slightly more than polite!" she said.

"He so was not interested," I argued. "He was just being a good waiter."

Later I found out that, unable to convince me I should have "turned it up a notch," she enlisted my brother to teach me how to flirt. Yes, my little brother. My two-days-away-from-the-MTC brother. Teach me? How to flirt?

Okay, granted I could use the tips. I think most of the time I attempt to flirt, my flirt-companion is either baffled, offended, or wondering if I have special needs. Fine, G-Ma. You win.

James, whaddya got?


Lindsey said...

that is hilarious! my mom used to do the same thing.

Alisca said...

Very very funny. Something else I thought was funny is:

What's up with that huh?