Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kim is a Junkie

My sister Amy tagged me, but since I've totally already done this, I decided to list 6 things that I love to excess. And I tag: Mom. (Oh, look at you Ms. I'm-Too-Cool-To-Have-A-Blog, looks like you're going to have to start one.)

Here we go: 6 Things Kim May Love a Little Too Much

1. I am a history junkie. Nothing excites me more than learning about how a civilization, a religion, a person developed and formed. Even when I hear a new word I wonder, “What is the etymology of it? Where did it come from?” I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge of origins. I love biographies. I love reading about war. I love the History Channel. I just love it.

2. I am a music junkie. I simply can’t start my day unless my iTunes is pumping something. Just this morning I was dancing around my room to Frank Sinatra before work (and yes, I tripped over the three pairs of heels that were scattered about my floor and yes, I have a bruise.) Lately I’ve been listening to hymns in my car as I’m driving. I find it cuts down on road rage. (It’s hard to call someone a “gormless weasel” to the accompaniment of “Nearer My God to Thee.”) There’s something about a really, really good song that makes my insides (figuratively) swell.

3. I am a nature junkie. I love outdoors. I’m not an accomplished skier or biker or kayaker, I just like to walk around and see what I see. I like to feed the ducks, watch the leaves turn, and listen to the crunch of snow under my feet. There are a few vistas here in the valley that bring on the twinge of tears faster than any chick flick I’ve seen.

4. I am an alone time junkie. I don’t know if it’s a cause or an effect from my status as a Singleton, but I really enjoy being by myself. I like to go to movies alone and try out new restaurants alone. Last year I took a gourmet cooking class by myself and it was really, really fun. I do love to spend time with my family and friends (shout out to my girls: Holla!) but, almost as much, I like to be at a table for one.

5. I am a girlie stuff junkie. My whole life I’ve been a pretty casual jeans-and-t-shirts type girl, but a few years ago, I got all girlie. It’s so weird. As I’m typing, I look down at my pink (yes, pink!) cashmere sweater and pinstripe skirt, smell a faint wave of floral perfume, feel my hair pulled into a sleek bun and think, “Who is this girl?” I haven’t gone completely over to the pink side, but I enjoy putting on make-up, I enjoy doing my hair, and I enjoy being a girl.

6. I am a kids junkie. A product of having 8 younger siblings is you just really like kids. I interact with kids daily in my work and have officially been dubbed “the cool aunt” by my nephews. (Amy, it’s okay. They still like you. I’m just a LOT more fun.) There is something magical about seeing a child's eyes light up when something finally clicks, when they can finally write their name or when a joke finally makes sense. The triumph in their expression is incomparable. I love being a big sister. I love being an aunt. I love being a teacher. I cherish these roles as much as I will cherish being a mother someday.

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Corrine said...

those 6 obsessions are GREAT!! The best one is about being around kids!! What a blessing children are. Love ya...