Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Baby James

My little brother James crossed the MTC threshold today. He is now an official full-time missionary for the LDS church. I love that kid and I’m so proud of him but I’ve been slightly forlorn all morning. This is Jimmy, sweet little Jimmy. Who am I going to call for all things computer and car related? Who will call me to vent about bad calls and missed shots after Mavericks games? Where am I going to find someone who’ll watch cheesy sci-fi movies late at night with me?

I know these two years will fly right on by, but I’ll sure miss him in the meantime. He’s such a good kid whose ultimate aspiration is just to be nice and helpful and friendly. He’ll be a great missionary. See ya, Jimmy. Have a great time in Mexico. (Don't drink the water.)

Oh by the way, a primo spot just opened up on my speed dial. Anyone? Anyone?

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Corrine said...

the first few pictures is the James I knew!! I cannot believe how grown up he is... oh man, he is going to be a great missionary!

I want to go back in the mission field so bad... i'd in a heart beat!!