Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday

I headed out yesterday afternoon to spend some quality time with my dad & brother.
You'll never guess what they wanted to do.

I was fairly put out.

After dragging James away from the lull of technology, he shot me the famous "Blue Steel" scowl. (That's how he gets all the ladies!)

Dinner followed at Five Guys . . .

where James and I got different memos on the faces to pull for the camera. "Okay Kim, now look really crazy like you're going to stab someone, okay good, and James, uh, just look drunk. Awesome picture, everyone. Yep, frame this sucker."

We headed to Amy's for FHE after dinner where Sandra took dilligent notes,
Jake colored contentedly,
James got attacked by a bunch of babies,
Amy demonstrated how Moses parted the Red Sea,
and Dad just sat there lookin' sly.
It was a great Monday.


Amy Brinton said...

Wasn't Moses also wearing stripes on the Cecil Demille Ten Commandments film? And sometimes I also have his hair. And we're both totally righteous.

Anne-Marie said...

What a day it sounds like!! Looks like yall had fun- I love seeing what the raynors are up to...i think from seeing your blog you were in one of my dreams (dont think im crazy ok?!)..just made me remember childhood and miss you! Hope you are doing well!!