Friday, November 21, 2008


I have my work email account set up so it automatically fixes any typos before sending mail out, thereby avoiding the old typing-too-fast-and-leaving-out-or-transposing-letters shame. This morning I sent an email out to a colleague with a question about a pdf. Of course when I sent the email, “pdf” was an unrecognized word and automatically changed.

So my co-worker gets an email from me that says, “I need a little help working with a puff. Could you give me a call when you get a second?”

Half a minute later I got an email from him saying, “Daddy or magic dragon?”



Alisca said...

Your colleague has a good sense of humor. Kinda like me.

Corrine said...

that is too funny!

Amy Brinton said...

Or cream?

P.S. Love the title.

Brittany said...

OOOOHHHH THAT IS HILARIOUS. I had to explain to my co-workers why busted out laughing just now. Funny.