Saturday, December 6, 2008


The girls and I saw Australia last night. On the whole, I liked it. I did. But, boy howdy, was it long. Too long. It kind of felt like they skipped the whole editing thing before the film was released. Some of the performances felt forced and artificial (I hated Nicole Kidman's for the first half-hour or so) and the plot was semi-mediocre.

But the film did have several redeeming qualities. Firstly, it had a war in it. I freakin' love war movies! I also really liked the cinematography and the use of light in the film. I liked the music quite a bit. The sweeping vista shots were also nice (well, the first couple hundred or so) and I found myself chuckling (and tearing up) more than I expected. And, of course, there was this:


I left the theater feeling pretty content with the film. And with a strange yearning for a harmonica-toting aboriginal kid. Verdict: definitely worth the 8 bucks.

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