Monday, December 8, 2008

Letter From Me

Recently, I was called to be in charge of the monthly newsletter for my ward. I was encouraged by a few friends to include a letter from the editor in each issue. I wrote the following for the December issue but I was never really satisfied with it overall. The night before D(istribution)-Day, I went back and forth with putting it in and taking it back out. At the last minute I decided to yank it. I can't put my finger on what's wrong with it but, upon reflection, I realize that I'm never completely satisfied with things that I write. That is the reason why I have a folder on my computer filled with short stories, poems, articles and 2 rough novels. I dread to open that folder, knowing that I cannot be satisfied with what it contains and I will finally come to the realization that I can't write and have no talent and that my dreams of actually publishing something will never come to fruition and I'll be here in my mediocre job for the rest of my pathetic live. Or something like that.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this month's ne'er-to-be-published letter from the editor, because (no offense) I care less that you think I'm a crap writer than I would if my whole ward thought so.

The Christmas season seems to overtake our lives and rational thought processes the moment we waddle away from the Thanksgiving table, distended with poultry and pie. The crazed shopping, the endless festivities, the TV specials—oh, save us!—the TV specials, all conspire to induce us to remember Christmas! celebrate Christmas! venerate Christmas! It seems, when bringing to mind things cherished: faith, family, love and hope, the holidays are no longer a gentle reminder but a tremendous and awe-inspiring wallop. Presents are a dreaded obligation, the parties are a chore and eventually December turns into drudgery as the tedious stress eats away at our cheer.

Let’s together aver to disallow “Christmas” to detract from Christmas. Let’s remember that Christ is love, and to honor his birth we need not be jolly and festooned, merely good and kind and full of love. Let’s undertake to smile a little brighter, serve a little longer, comfort a little more and stress a little less. Let us embody the words of my father’s favorite carol: “God is not dead nor doth He sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail with peace on earth, good will to men” (Longfellow).


Lindsey said...

i don't know what is wrong with it, but i really apreciate your proper punctuation!

Corrine said...

i don't see anything wrong with it?? you are an amazing writer!

Beerman said...


I don't know you at all!

Yet you are bookmarked and I read everything you write. I am amazed at your choice of vocabulary and you definitely have a flair for writing.

I read you because I love your sense of humor and randomness. You NEVER disappoint.

Please don't sanction yourself and take the chance to throw your work out there. It's good to strive for perfection but a sin to deprive us of your incite.

I wish I had half your talent.


Kim said...

I always knew you were my favorite, D.

Thanks for the encouragment.