Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Tears

A portion of the children who attend my school come from low-income families. A few of the other teachers and I got together this year to purchase warm clothes and a few toys for the families who needed a little extra help this Christmas. Apparently one of the teachers talked to her parents, who talked to their church, who just delivered bags and bags and bags of coats, games, toys, socks, jeans, and food to my office.

Characteristically, I burst into tears the minute I saw the elaborate spread.

One of the students saw my weepy state and asked sweetly, “Ms. Kim? Are you crying?”

“Yeah, honey,” I replied, “But, it’s okay. These are happy tears.”

Touched as I have been in the past by anonymous generosity, I continue to be amazed at the human spirit’s capacity for compassion. I’m grateful for the many occasions this season my eyes have prickled with happy tears.
P.S. Did anyone else watch "Dawson's Creek"? It was on for 6 seasons so I know I can't be the only one but whenever I make a reference to it, I just get blank stares back.


fancy nancy said...

i'm embarrassed that i shed a tear or two reading the lovely story. I, too, am oftern amazed at other's generosity and sacrifice. yeah for nice people! also, i love DC. I've seen every episode at least twice and own the series finale :) love ya kim--have a great christmas!

fancy nancy said...

oftern is texan for often.

Erin said...

Hey Kim! Long time, no see. I loved your Dawson's Creek comment, since I think I'm the one other person who knows what you're talking about! Reminds me of that time you came over and we just chilled out to Dawson and the gang. Good times...