Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now you shouldn't even get into who I'm givin' skins to.

For my morning musical pleasure, I always hit “Random” on my iTunes and enjoy a haphazard assortment of music to gear me up for work. I love this system (or, more accurately, non-system) I have because it provides for me an agreeable medley that is new and different every morning. Some days I walk into work whistling Aerosmith, and others, it’s the BYU Men’s Chorus.

This morning’s collection featured both Salt ‘N Pepa’s “None Of Your Business” and Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.”

I double-dog-dare someone to talk to me about my life choices today.

Which reminds me, I should probably call my mother back.


Karen said...

So...good day, huh? I wish I could tell some people where to go today, but I have to bite my tongue. :)

Lauren said...

You are so funny.

Amy Brinton said...

Kim, this is so NOT a frowny-bad day. For rills, you just totally WON on TAMN's gIvEawAy!

Amy Brinton said...

P.S. I am so excited that you won. It's almost as exciting as if I had won, especially since you said that you were "totally" going to give away one of your gifts if you won the giveaway.